Love Moves Like a Train

A love you didn’t know how good you had till it was gone. The story behind the song tells us about a relationship that outgrew each-other as they weren't willing to evolve together, resulting in someone getting left behind... You constantly think about them, knowing you made a mistake letting them leave without you. But all you can do now is wish them well, slightly hoping they will come back to you if you just stay right where you are.


I Don't Want Flowers

The true story comes from Taynee one day receiving a flower delivery but being shocked and slightly disappointed when reading the name on the card as she was hoping they would be from someone else. The song symbolises a wish for the right guy to send flowers opposed to having to apologise and turn down the 'wrong guy' who actually had the guts to make a move.



Bet On You

Relating to the dating phrase “they don’t want you but they don’t want anyone else to have you either”. The fact that as soon as you begin to move on and get over someone, only then do they try and come back into your life. They try to win you over because they don’t want to see you happy with someone else who isn’t them. You know their moves, they're so predictable, just as soon as you convince yourself they’re no good for you…You can see it coming from a mile away... you can even BET on it happening! They try and worm their way back to you... But this time they’re too late!